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bleh... [29 Jun 2006|03:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]


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long time man... [24 Jun 2006|03:54pm]
[ mood | whatever... ]

well, it's been so long since i've been here... so the last time i was on this thing... Sep. 23, 2005... 9 months ago... so much has happened and changed in the past 9 months... but i don't really wanna list the things though... anyhoos, i really came here cause it's been so long... i used to go on this thing everyday... and then i kinda stopped... hopefully i'll be able to keep going on this things as much as i go on myspace... *haha*

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headline of the day... [23 Sep 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | happy ]

DUMB GIRLS GET EVERYTHING!!! hOw sad... this wOrLd is gOing crazy... or maybe just sOme of the peOpLe arOund me... i duNNO...

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i'm lost... [01 Sep 2005|10:11pm]
Okay, sO i had v-baLL practice at 12 nOOn and i gOt tO practice with Varsity!!! Finish tOmOrrOw...
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orientatiOn, practice gOne stupid and other stuff... [26 Aug 2005|10:47pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

first of aLL i wOuLd like tO say that it's been a whiLe since i've been here... i'm gLad i'm back again... anyways, tOday was orientatiOn fOr schOOL... We gOt our scheduLes, ID's, lockers, activity card and pix taken fOr the yearbOOk... i saw smOOsh (aka Chris Lindsey) fOr the first time and a long time... we didn't taLk much, but it was cOOL seeing him again... Luis is gOing tO WSHS nOw... he transfered frOm garfieLd... Luis tOLd me that they tOOk out their hOnOrs cLassses because of mOney? hmmm... i dOn't knOw abOut that... oh weLL, i'LL ask cyn or sOmething abOut it... after orientatiOn was vOLLeybaLL practice... that was a cOmpLete bust! we pretty much did the same thing as we did yesterday... passing driLL, rOtatiOn and cOnditiOning stuff (except mOre cOnditiOning tOday!!!)... During the passing driLL, there were peOpLe that weren't caLLing fOr the baLL or taLking on the cOurt... hOw annOying!!! The c-team did better than us!!! It was just like last year... where practice sucked because peOpLe weren't dOing stuff the way they were suppOsed tO, or they just didn't wanna admit that they did that sOmething wrOng... blah blah blah... after practice, we went tO Bahama Breeze... After Bahama Breeze, we went tO Southcenter... I saw MM fOr the first time and a long time... it's weird because onLine she sOunds sO excited tO taLk tO me and stuff, but when i saw her tOday, i said hi and then she looked at me kinda weird and i dOn't knOw if she was sO thriLLed tO see me... i dOn't knOw... maybe she's tired... oh weLL... this was just nOt my day tOday...

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tOday... [09 Jul 2005|10:31pm]
dO entry later... gOnna gO night-night...
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July 3 and 4th entries [05 Jul 2005|11:28am]
[ mood | enthralled ]

JuLy 3: Jori, Auntie Pot-Pot, UncLe Butch, Joseph, Jeremy, JemeLLe, UncLe ErrOL, Alex, KyLie and I aLL went tO FamiLy Fun Center... Jeremy, Jori and i hung out tOgether at the fOOd sectiOn and had ice cream and pizza whiLe everyOne eLse was on gO carts because we didn't feeL like gOing on gO carts this time...after gO carts, everyOne except Auntie Pot-Pot, JemeLLe and Joseph pLayed laser tag and it was way tOO much fun... we were aLL on the green team tOgether and we wOn! It was weird because during laser tag, jOri shOt at this one Chinese giRL and the girL tOLd jOri "yOu're crazy!" I mean heLLO, the object of this game is tO shOOt as many peOpLe as yOu can and tO shOOt them as many times as yOu pOssibLy can... i mean if yOu can't handLe the game, dOn't pLay it... after that, we aLL pLayed Mini gOLf tOgether and spent the night at Auntie Pot-Pot's hOuse... went tO Dairy Queen at 9:00 at night and saw a cute guy that pLayed fOr a seLect basebaLL team fOr KirkLand... *hehe* WhiLe at Dairy Queen, Auntie Pot-Pot wanted me tO teLL the wOrker tO fix her order because she ordered a CappuchinO Heath bLizzard, but the wOrker gave her a reguLar Heath bLizzard instead, sO i went over tO the wOrker and the KirkLand dude and his mOm were trying tO say hi tO me... *haha* So i guess our 9:00 trip tO Dairy Queen was pretty interesting... We had a quick pit stOp tO grandma's hOuse because jOri fOrgOt her friggin tOOthbrush... then went back tO Auntie pOt-pOt's and watched In Good Company...

JuLy 4: pretty much one of the longest days of my summer sO far... jOseph wOke me up at 9:00... CRAZY KID... Then we went tO Juanita Beach fOr a picnic... it was way tOO much fun and very interesting... sO in the mOrning after we were dOne setting up, jOri and i pLayed kickbaLL with UncLe Butch's brOther aLan and it was funny because jOseph gOt mad just because we were aLL pLaying with his Batman kickbaLL... *haha* Then, there was this truck frOm Car-Toys at the beach and i saw this dude frOm the Car-Toys sectiOn that i thOught was cute frOm far away, but when i gOt cLOser, he reaLLy wasn't that cute... okay... anyways, after we ate lunch, we watched MigO and jOseph dO a sack race and it was funny because every time the sack feLL dOwn frOm jOseph, he wOuLd just start running tO the finish line instead of putting the sack back on or just dOn't dO anything... it was great... Bea and i did a 3-Legged race and we wOn baby!!! *yah!* And sOme guy frOm the SeattLe Times tOOk peOpLe's pix whiLe dOing the 3-Legged race and UncLe EricksOn, Joseph, Bea and I gOt our pix taken! A littLe bit after the 3-Legged race, i did a huLa-hOOp cOntest with JemeLLe and i lost in like the first 5 secOnds of the cOntest because the hOOp was tOO smaLL... *smart me...* Then, i did it with ChristeLLe and i did aLOt better that time because the huLa hOOp was bigger... but i lost abOut haLf way thrOugh the cOntest because they made us dO crazy stuff in the huLa hOOp and i just never actuaLLy tried it befOre, sO yah... at 3:00, Bea, Binky and i jOined a tug-of-war cOntest... we aLmOst didn't have enOugh peOpLe, but we managed tO get 3 randOm asian dudes tO be on our team... we went against littLe kids and 2 teenagers and it was sad because we lost against them on the first 2 out of 3 rOund... it was reaLLy stupid after we lost because after that losing rOund, sOme randOm dude tOLd our team "oh haha yOu guys lost... were the reaL winners!!!" and then i was aLL like "shutup fOO!" Then Bea started laughing at me... it was sad because the dude that was being aLL cOcky at the end was aLmOst like a Jesse McCartney wannabe except eviL and very tan... after that sad rOund, jOri, kyLie, aLex and jemeLLe jOined tOO... except bea and i went against them... *puah hahahahaha* nOw that time, Our team wOn!!! But i thOught we were abOut tO lose because bea and i were abOut tO give up because we cOuLdn't take it anymOre... i'm just gLad we ended up winning and getting over that painfuL rOund... at least we wOn medaLs... *hehe* After tug-of-war, we went back tO our picnic area and gOt ice fOr our massive rOpe burn on our hands... Then we went with Bea's friends tO gO cOOL off... but then, the eviL Jesse McCartney wannabe dude came up tO one of Bea's friends and asked her if he wanted tO "dO it" with her... *freakin pervert ugh...* Then Binky, Bea and i went back tO our picnic sheLter and pretty much just started tO tan... Then we left with Bea (it was aLready 5:00)sO we cOuLd dO sOme wOrk tO raise sOme mOney fOr camp... befOre we went tO church we went tO Dairy Queen and it was funny because Bea saw sOme peOpLe that she knew and then she started hiding under the tabLe sO they wOuLdn't see her... Bea eventuaLLy came out and yeLLed out her friend's name and her friends eventuaLLy saw her... pretty interesting stuff huh? Okay, maybe nOt interesting but it was kinda funny... Okay, sO after Dairy Queen, we went tO church tO gO raise mOney fOr camp... our gOaL fOr the night was tO get peOpLe tO park in our parking spaces fOr the firewOrks at the Marina and we charged dOnatiOns fOr parking in our parking lots... Bea and i gOt there at 6:00 but nOne of the cars shOwed untiL like 8:45... sO whiLe we waited, Bea and I pLayed frisbee, had otter pOps and taLked abOut passed stOries in our life... *haha* When 8:45 came we onLy gOt 3 cars at that time... sad... but Bea and I were the ones that gOt our first car tO gO in our lot... *yeah!* After that, we went tO Auntie Pot-Pot's hOuse tO dO firewOrks, eat and hang out... jOri and i were abOut tO see the firewOrks shOw on TV but jOseph changed it tO cartOOns... *hmph...* Oh weLL, Sonny brOught like 2 car's wOrth of firewOrks and he pretty much made our firewOrks shOw the mOst awesOme shOw anyOne has ever seen... even the neighbOrs were watching the firewOrks that Sonny and sOme other guys were lighting at our hOuse and they liked it... it was cOOL!!! :D But then it sucked because jOri and i wanted tO stay longer but dad cOmpLained abOut gOing tO wOrk and being tired when he wakes up... *hmph...* We were the first ones tO leave and that sucked very much!!! I mean, it was onLy 11:45 and the firewOrks weren't even haLfway dOne!!! *hmph...* WeLL, this has prObabLy been one of the longest 4th of JuLy days i've had sO far...

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July 1 and 2 entries... [02 Jul 2005|06:40pm]
July 1: I finaLLy gOt a chance tO kick it with CrysteL!!! :D AlthOugh, mOm kinda gOt mad at me because i didn't get mOre "detaiLs" abOut the directiOns tO the hOuse, oh weLL... sO, i went tO her hOuse and we rented Meet the Fockers and Hitch... i met CrysteL's friend Sandra and looked at yearbOOks and checked out her hOuse and pretty much just hung out... I saw whO CrysteL used tO gO out with... *hehe* and i saw Janessa's pic in the yearbOOk *yay*... after we rented the videOs frOm hOLLywOOd videO, dave saw me and he was aLL like "oh my gOsh it's erin!!!" Then he randOmLy started hugging me and i was aLL like okay... i stayed there 'tiL like 11 at night... IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Today: We finaLLy went tO a Mariners game (fOr this year at least...) we sat at the center fieLd sectiOn, SCORE BABY!!! finish later...
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summer league game tOnight... [29 Jun 2005|10:19pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

tOnight, we pLayed against ShorewOOd, but onLy 5 of us shOwed up tOnight... oh weLL, i gOt tO be the starting pitcher tOnight... it's crazy because i haven't actuaLLy pitched in an actuaL game since like 7th grade, but i guess i stiLL had it in me huh? Whitney gOt tO pitch the secOnd haLf of the game... i didn't knOw she pitched?! Oh weLL, she did gOOd! It was funny because we didn't have any base cOaches with us besides Burr, sO Burr asked Whitney's bOyfriend tO be the other base cOach... *haha* finish tOmOrrOw... hOpefuLLy...

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dOesn't anyOne love me anymOre??? [27 Jun 2005|02:08pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

this weekend has been friggin crazy and i'm gLad it's over with... friday, saturday and sunday i had tO gO tO jOri's freakin recitaLs... and of cOurse, aLL the friggin attentiOn was aLL on her... *hmph* the onLy gOOd part abOut the weekend was that i gOt tO see aLL my chiLdhOOd friends aLL over again... :) weLL anyhOOs, friday, i hear abOut everyOne getting bOyfriends and whatnOt and i think that's crazy because i'm muLti-taLented and i have a gOOd persOnaLity, but yet, i dOn't knOw if dudes see that in me... i mean what dO i have tO dO??? I mean, there are girLs out there that pLay spOrts and they have a BF, i pLay 4 spOrts and nO dude has asked me out yet... (weLL nOt since like 6-8 mOnths agO...)and, sOme giRLs dOn't even pLay spOrts at aLL and they stiLL scOre a dude... IT'S NOT FAIR!!! But then, i nOtice that peOpLe my own age dOn't like me, but yet 20 sOmethin year oLd dudes think i'm hOt... *weird...* sunday, i saw the seniOr dude that i liked at the recitaL which was tOtaLLy awesOme and crazy because i thOught that he wOuLd be long gOne or sOmething... but, when i saw the dark bLue and yeLLOw rugby shirt and the white shOes, i was aLL like whOa!!! unfOrtunateLy, he gave me oNLy like a cOupLe of "she looks famiLiar gLances", but didn't seem like he was impressed tO see me or nOthin... hOw sad... i cried myseLf tO sLeep last night thinking abOut what dudes dOn't see in me... dad gave me a long taLk last nite abOut that i need tO be happy with what i have... i try tO, but i dunnO... i had a dream that nO one liked me anymOre with backgrOund music of *nObOdy likes me, everybOdy hates me...* i wanna get outta here... and gO tO San Dimas, LA, San DiegO or PaLm Springs... oR sOmething...

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a very interesting day... but it was still bOring... [15 Jun 2005|04:06pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

4 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!! And then, WE'RE FREE!!! Great, 4 freakin' days?!?! We seriOusLy shOuLd've gOtten out earLier... i'm stiLL stuck with having hOmewOrk everyday!!! LuckiLy, we had a test in science (weLL and a bad thing), but at least we dOn't have hOmewOrk!!! 2nd periOd, i did my heaLth hOmewOrk in cLass in like 10 minutes... 3rd periOd is where we stiLL have aLL the stuff tO dO... *bLeh* 4th periOd was very interesting... we had an "optiOnaL assembLy" that my math teacher signed us up fOr, and it was abOut this semi-finaList frOm this year's American IdOL taLking tO us abOut his jOurney on idOL and we watched a DVD of American IdOL... Man, there were sOme pretty interesting stuff on that DVD!!! We watched mOst of the bad auditiOns, the Keith auditiOn and the WiLLiam Hung auditiOn!!! It was great...

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it's officiaL, he's gOne... [14 Jun 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

weLL, tOday was the last day fOr seniOrs... *bOO hOO*!!! I'ma miss yOu my seniOr hOmies!!! EspeciaLLy the dude i like... *sniffLes* it reaLLy sucks because i onLy knew whO he actuaLLy was fOr like one friggin mOnth and the onLy time we had an actuaL cOnversatiOn was on friday the 13th of May 2005... weird huh? It was aLsO weird after schOOL because the seniOrs drOve their cars and other peOpLe tried tO hOLd their car tO prevent the seniOrs frOm driving... sO the seniOrs wOuLd step on their gas pedaLs hardcOre and then when they were dOne, there wOuLd be a fat piLe of smOke cOming out of their muffLer... dOn't they knOw they're destrOying the air and their engine?!?! Oh weLL... they're seniOrs and i'm gOnna miss yOu guys!!! This is prObabLy my mOst regretfuL year ever...

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it's been a while... [13 Jun 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | blah ]

it's been a whiLe since i've been on LiveJouraL... i've been on myspace lateLy and i've been caught up with vOLLeybaLL and stupid hOmewOrk!!! LuckiLy, there are onLy 6 days of schOOL left!!! (scOre!!!) Anyways, abOut schOOL... this mOrning, aLOt of peOpLe were asking fOr chOcOLate... ARE THEY CRAZY?!?! 1st periOd, we did an experiment where we had tO drag a cart of bricks arOund... and everyOne was taLking abOut driving and hOw they're abOut tO get their cars... NO FAIR MAN!!! I was suppOsed tO take drivers ed this summer, but mOm wOuLdn't let me... THAT'S NUCKING FUTS!!! Anyway, 2nd periOd was even mOre interesting... Okay, sO Amanda was taLking tO MakaiLa abOut her cOusin and she looked over tO MakaiLa but Sara thOught Amanda was taLking abOut her... sO Sara started fLippin out of nO where sayin that she threatened tO beat Amanda up, even thOugh Amanda wasn't taLking abOut Sara... this crazy stuff lasted fOr abOut the first 45 minutes of cLass... luckiLy, the organ dOnor speakers weren't there tO see that madness because they were suppOse tO cOme at arOund 10:00... oh yeah, our cLass gOt free mOvie tickets just fOr fiLLing out surveys... SCORE!!! We aLsO gOt yearbOOks tOday... I'm kinda mad because they didn't put my retake in the picture, but the cOOL thing was that there were pictures of me in "actiOn"!!! *haha* The yearbOOks are pretty nice tOO...

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[04 Jun 2005|02:42pm]
finish after homework...
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the mOst randOmness day of my life... [02 Jun 2005|05:19pm]
[ mood | worried ]

okay sO i had a feeLing this mOrning that i was gOnna have a weird day at schOOL... sure enOugh, tOday was extremely weird and reaLLy randOm... okay sO first was when i gOt tO my bus stOp because our bus came 5 minutes earlier than usuaL and then our bus driver was different tOday... okay anyway at schOOL... in science, this one girL kept... oh i'LL finish later...

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assuming is a very bad thing tO dO... [01 Jun 2005|06:16pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

okay, sO i went tO schOOL (duh...) hung out with Spenser befOre secOnd (as usuaL...) and she tOLd me that we have a game aLOng with cOurtney... weLL tOday, i went tO fairmOunt at like 5:15 and nO one was there frOm either teams... sO i caLLed spenser's ceLL, but she wasn't answering, caLLed spenser's hOuse, but nO one was there, caLLed cOurtney's hOuse, but nO one was there either... caLLed camiLLe's hOuse and keri answered the phOne and heLped me get a hOLd of camiLLe because CamiLLe and her dad wern't hOme... sO i caLLed camiLLe's ceLL and i fOund out that we didn't have a game tOday... i gOt mad because #1, we went tO fairmOunt because i heard there was a game and #2 these weird guys that i didn't even knOw tried tO ask me tO practice sOme skiLLs with them whiLe i was waiting... but, at least i get tO finish my hOmewOrk...*hmph...*

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aren't you that girl frOm CSI??? [31 May 2005|05:11pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i wOre my CSI shirt tOday and peOpLe thOught that i was in the shOw... *haha* it feLt kinda cOOL fOr peOpLe tO think that i'm in sOme hit shOw because of my shirt but then again, i wish it was actuaLLy true... *hmmm...* everyday i aLways wish, why can't i be like that sOmeday or why did i have tO live a "nOrmaL life"? why cOuLdn't i live a "nOt nOrmaL" life??? *hmph...* i dunnO... i was sO tired this mOrning... when i wOke up, i thOught i wasn't gOnna be that tired because it was tuesday, but then it feLt like a friggin mOnday... then when i gOt tO schOOL, everyOne was taLking abOut prOm... *hmph...*

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Happy Memorial Day!!! [30 May 2005|06:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

tOday, we had our annuaL memOriaL day picnic up in Marysville... it was cOOL... we left at like 8:30 in the mOrning and didn't leave untiL like 4:30 or sOmething... nOt aLOt of peOpLe shOwed up this year cOmpared tO last year, but my dad managed tO get his cO-wOrkers tO cOme hang with us... we pLayed vOLLeybaLL and i practiced my pitching... we aLsO had an awesOme water baLLOOn fight!!! :) I seriOusLy think that my pitching has gOt faster tOday and i'm just randOmLy practicing my vOLLeybaLL skiLLs fOr next year... it was fun thOugh... there was sO much fOOd... *ahhh!* (tempting...) but i didn't have much lunch which i was fine with... bLah... oh, we were abOut tO check out this outLet maLL but there was sOme accident on the freeway, sO we just decided tO gO hOme... sO yeah... that was my memOriaL day weekend...

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[29 May 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

finish after cleaning room...

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"i want to move it, move it..." [28 May 2005|07:44pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

We saw Madagascar tOday and it was cOOL!!!

There's this really cOOL sOng that i liked in the mOvie caLLed I like tO mOve it

gO see the song at http://www.madagascarsoundtrack.com/ and click on:Sacha Baron Cohen-I Like to Move It

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